What is Code Review and the Key Tips and Tricks

What is Code Review?

  1. Code review makes it easier and quicker to identify typing errors, business logic flaws, security bugs, and similar other errors. So instead of looking for those errors once the product is compiled, code review during the development phase significantly reduces the time and effort.
  2. Code or peer review encourages a more collaborative environment among developers. Junior developers can improve their coding skills faster by knowing about the areas where they are lagging or making mistakes. Similarly, senior developers can uplift their coding proficiency to a new level.
  3. Knowing that the code will be reviewed motivates developers to write quality and errorless code. Therefore, the performance of both developers and reviewers becomes more efficient, as they focus on providing the best quality work.
  4. Code review involves pre-defined inspection rules or metrics, so it’s also a way to achieve compliance with standards and the common coding style.

Top Tips and Tricks

  1. Open to Talk
  1. Set Up Goals
  1. Avoid Reviewing Code for more than 400 Lines or 60 Minutes in One Session
  1. Annotate Code for Easy Review




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