SaaS starter pack (Part 1): Intro to Software as a Service

Introduction to SaaS

Advantages of SaaS

  • Pay as you go instead of paying up-front, possibility to try the service free of charge, discounts and benefits for long-term cooperation
  • Support, update and maintenance are responsibilities of the vendor
  • Less investments for the companies in new hardware
  • SaaS vendors take care of regular backups.
  • Worldwide access (regional data centers)
  • Possibility to connect distributed offices and remote staff
  • Minimum requirements for the user hardware(web browser, thin client)
  • Cross-platform capabilities
  • Vendors want to charge recurrently not at once

Disadvantages of SaaS

  • Data security
  • Slow internet connection can reduce the performance (internal networks tend to be faster then internet connection)
  • If the company stop working, data migration can be difficult, they will export data most probably in CSV format or similar, you will lose some of the functionalities
  • They will try to lock you in
  • It’s possible for SaaS to cost more than traditional software licenses

Final thoughts



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