Just a few more pages… ckanext-pages

How does ckanext-pages work?


  • Title — a descriptive title of the new page
  • Publish Date — calendar with an option for adding the date of publishing the new page
  • Visibility — private or public
  • Menu order — order of the new page in the main navigation Data Portal menu (Datasets, Organizations, Groups…)
  • Content — WYSIWYG text box for adding the content of the page



source /home/www-data/pyenv/bin/activate
pip install -e 'git+https://github.com/ckan/ckanext-pages.git#egg=ckanext-pages'
ckan.plugins = pages


ckanext.pages.organization = True
ckanext.pages.group = True
ckanext.pages.about_menu = False
ckanext.pages.group_menu = False
ckanext.pages.organization_menu = False
ckanext.pages.allow_html = True
ckanext.pages.editor = medium
ckanext.pages.editor = ckeditor



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