Cloud and Big Data: Top Trends

What is Big Data?

  1. Volume: Refers to the large volume of data organizations collect, which includes that from IoT devices, transactions, social media, industrial equipment, etc.
  2. Velocity: Represents the unprecedented speed at which data streams and the need for its timely management.
  3. Variety: The many types of data that organizations have to deal with, such as structured traditional databases, unstructured documents, financial transactions, emails, etc.
  4. Variability: The unpredictable flow of data and its continuous changing and varying nature.
  5. Veracity: Refers to the quality of the data.

How Do Cloud and Big Data Work Together?

Top Trends to Watch in 2021 and Beyond

  1. Big Data Storage & Hybrid Cloud
  1. Edge Computing
  1. Predictive Analytics
  1. New Ways of Visualizing Data




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