An Overview of Cloud Migration

What is Cloud Migration?

Process of Cloud Migration

  • Evaluating migration-related data and security needs.
  • Deciding on the cloud service provider.
  • Estimating the cost associated with cloud migration and future management.
  • Evaluating any reorganization of business infrastructure.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

  • Scalability: Organizations are flexible to scale their IT infrastructure vertically or horizontally with minimal effort according to their needs. Whether it is a larger storage requirement, more CPUs or memory per server, or provisioning 100 servers for some transient workload, this is all available with a few clicks or a bunch of CLI commands.
  • Accessibility: Being in the cloud means being available from anywhere, anytime. The major cloud providers offer unmatched network performance and top-notch SLAs so we can rest assured that our servers and applications are in good hands and our customers are not left hanging because of various outages.
  • Business Continuity: On-premises data is more vulnerable to data loss and service outage due to natural disasters, hardware malfunction, software failures, cyber-attacks, etc.
    Moving to the cloud significantly lowers the probability of such incidents and takes the business continuity to the next level.
  • Cost-Effective: Even though on the surface the cloud seems very expensive, when we dive deeper into the capital and operating costs associated with our local infrastructure, and make the effort to compare apples to apples, we are often surprised to learn that moving to the cloud translates to significant savings on the long run. Especially if we pay attention to optimize costs based on our real resource demands and avoid having unused resources laying around.

Impact of Cloud Migration on Future Businesses



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